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Liberty School Butterfly Farm & Gardens
Petersburg, MI

Butterfly Release

A live Monarch or Painted Lady butterfly release is a unique and memorable experience that will be cherished for a lifetime.  Butterflies are a gracious complement to numerous special events including weddings, birthdays, funerals, memorial services, and graduations. An individual release can also create a treasured moment when sending Thank You, Get Well, Birthday or Anniversary wishes to friends and family.  Butterfly releases are a thoughtful way to help the environment by contributing to the indigenous populations that are rapidly diminishing.  At Liberty School Butterfly Farm & Gardens we breed our own butterflies to ensure vibrant, healthy butterflies to grace your special event. Our butterflies are fed and exercised before they are carefully packaged and hand-delivered (for local customers only) or shipped over night.

Butterflies for release are available April to October.  Please note that weather impacts the success of a butterfly release and temperatures must be forecasted for a minimum of 65 degrees.  

Which Butterflies to Release

The USDA limits the species of butterflies that can be shipped across state lines. However, within each state, any indigenous species raised by a butterfly breeder can be shipped for release.  Please check with us for seasonal availability of Michigan species.

Michigan Native Butterfly Farm raises the following species for release throughout the United States.  Please check to see which butterflies can be released in your state.

Monarchs are the most well recognized and popular butterflies for release.  They are a lovely butterfly with vivid orange and black markings and a wingspan of 3 3/8th to 4 7/8th”.  A Monarch butterfly release is spectacular!  When Monarch butterflies are released they tend to soar and glide gracefully through the air. 

Monarch Butterflies

  • $90.00 per dozen, plus shipping
  • $85.00 per 3-4 dozen, plus shipping
  • $80.00 per 5 dozen or more, plus shipping

Individual:  $10.00, plus shipping

Painted Lady butterflies are the second most popular butterflies for release.  They are orange and brown with black and white markings on the upper wings while the underside of the wings feature a bright pink spot.  Painted Ladies are smaller with a wingspan of 2” – 2 7/8th” and work well in displays because of their size.  They often fly away quickly when released but they are also known to linger near the release site and even land on people!

Painted Lady Butterflies

  • $65.00 per dozen, plus shipping 

Individual:  $7.00, plus shipping 

Black Swallowtails are beautiful butterflies and an excellent choice for those desiring a ‘blue’ butterfly for release as they have an iridescent blue band on their hind wings.  The males have a wide yellow band near the edge of their wings while the females have a row of pale yellow spots and more prominent blue coloring. They have a wingspan of approximately 3 ¼ “ – 4 ¼ “.  

Eastern Black Swallowtail Butterflies

  • $125.00 per dozen, plus shipping

Individual: $25.00 plus shipping

American Painted Lady butterflies look very similar to the Painted Lady butterfly.  They have fewer white markings on their upper wings and are slightly larger and brighter orange.  They have the same flight pattern as that of the Painted Lady butterfly. 

American Painted Lady Butterflies

  • $75.00 per dozen, plus shipping

Red Admiral butterflies are a distinctive black with a reddish-orange band along the hind wings and upper wings and white spots on the apex of the wing.  Red Admiral butterflies vary in size from 1 ¾ “ to a 3” wingspan.  When released, they have an erratic flight pattern.

Red Admiral Butterflies

  • $75.00 per dozen, plus shipping

Pricing includes complimentary personalized glassine release envelopes.  Custom envelopes are available in two styles for $4.00 per dozen.  Custom wedding orders must be received four weeks prior to your event.

Mass release boxes are also available and priced individually.

Placing your order as soon as possible ensures that we will reserve butterflies for your event.  We require a 50% non-refundable deposit when you place your order with the balance paid in full one week prior to your event.

We do keep a limited supply of butterflies on hand for funerals or last minute gathering.  Please contact us for availability.

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