Tamara Menas, Owner
Liberty School Butterfly Farm & Gardens
Petersburg, MI


Create a memorable and unique experience by renting a Butterfly Exhibit.  Feed the butterflies by hand and enjoy their beauty as they fly inside our butterfly enclosure, sipping nectar and warming themselves in the sun, perhaps even landing on you!  See butterflies in all stages of their development, from eggs to adults. An experienced assistant will be on hand to help with your event. This exhibit is great for parties, fund-raisers, school events, festivals, and other special occasions. 

Pricing:  $350.00 per 2 hour rental.  Add $50.00 per additional hour.*

*Mileage fees are calculated at $.55 per mile for distances over 30 miles.

We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to confirm your rental, with the balance paid the day of your event.

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